Visiting the imperial palace Schönbrunn - the former summer residence of the Habsburg family. Taking an inside tour of the 1 441-room baroque palace. Enjoying the Neptune Fountain and sculptures in the public garden.

Heading back to the city to explore Schloss Belvedere - another unequalled baroque palace. Entering the art collection. Must see! The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) - a symbol of Vienna Jugendstil (Viennese Art Nouveau).

Recharging at Salm Bräu (Rennweg 8) with Schinkenfleckerl (Austrian noodles with ham) and beers brewed-on-location. Trying Salm 1842 Pils (5.0%, 12.5°), Salm Wiener Märzen (5.0%, 12.5°), Salm Böhmisch Dunkles (5.0%, 12.5°) and today’s special Salm Burning Hell (4.9%, 12.2°). Cheers. Prost.